How Long is Bacon Good for After Opening: 3 Signs That the Bacon Has Gone Bad

How Long is Bacon Good for After Opening

A lot of us possibly have a pack of bacon aging in our fridge at this actual minute … However, then the day comes. You crave the fatty, savory, sweet problem of a perfectly cooked piece of bacon. You shuffle with the fridge as well as there it is your lengthy shed pack of bacon. Prior to you go tearing into that package like going crazy, let’s answer a crucial concern: How long is bacon good for after opening? Does bacon go bad? And also if so, when, and how can we tell?

The easy response …

Yes, of course, bacon has a life span. However, figuring it out might not be as straightforward as reading the label. Recognizing for certain calls for a 3 phase examination, of which we’ve detailed listed below.

How Long is Bacon Good for After Opening: Signs Your Bacon has Gone Bad

While there are lots of approaches to discovering rancid bacon, three of our detects will always assist us to establish whether or not our bacon is still great.

Look: Unpack your bacon with a collection of tidy hands. Seek to see if there is any type of staining, such as brownish, gray, or a green as well as blue shade. Any one of these indications is a sign of rotten bacon. Also, seek tiny little mold places. These are a very easy indication of bacon going rancid.

Smell: Take a great whiff of your bacon. If you smell anything aside from fresh meat, like sour, questionable, decaying smells, toss instantly. If you have to question the smell, the possibilities are your bacon has begun the damage process. Best to toss it out.

Touch: If you’re still not totally encouraged at this point, it’s time for the final examination. With clean hands, touch your bacon as well as feel for a slimed or sticky layer. If the structure is abnormally slimed, it’s a no-go. While this will certainly depend on the kind of bacon, you’ll discover the distinction. It isn’t subtle.


If a week has actually passed because of the sell-by day, it’s ideal to toss it. While it may be edible, I recommend buying a fresh pack and having zero doubts concerning the quality.

If your bacon does not have a sell-by-day, utilize the “look, scent and also touch” test. If anything is doubtful, toss it out.

Pro Suggestion: If you assume your bacon has actually spoiled, cover it in plastic or aluminum foil and also throw it away to avoid stinky rubbish or contamination of various other foods or surface areas. Thoroughly wash your hands and any kind of surfaces utilized after dealing with.

How to Properly Store Bacon

Bacon ought to constantly be kept in a closed bundle or container in the fridge or freezer as well as should stay clear of being overlooked at room temperature for too long.

Unopened bacon can be kept in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks normally. If you’re positive as well as place it in the freezer, bacon can last approximately six months. To prolong life span, area your opened bacon packaging in a ziplock bag, foil, or container. Bacon should never ever be used if opened after seven days of the sell-by date. If you prepare your bacon, it can be kept in the fridge (in a secured container) for 7 days to reheat later on or utilize in dishes throughout the week.

Freezing your cooked bacon is another option. When food preparation, take the bacon off heat somewhat early, prior to it obtains crunchy. Lay it out on a paper towel to soak up excess fat, and also when totally cooled, it can be kept in fridge freezer bags for approximately 3 months. Get rid of as much air as possible from bags to prevent freezer burn or contamination.

Vacuum cleaner Sealing can additionally be made use of after available to guarantee a limited seal and lessen air entering.

Be aware that maintaining bacon in the freezer can alter the preference, harbor freezer melt, and also cause fat rancidity. Usage no longer than two months after freezing for the very best quality preference.

Depending upon the type of bacon you buy, these time zones can a little differ. Always use the “look, smell, and also touch” method to correctly evaluate your bacon.

To Store Cooked Bacon

Now we understand how to understand – how long is bacon good for after opening. Correctly stored cooked bacon will certainly last up to 4 or five days in the fridge as well as for two to three months in the fridge freezer.

To guarantee the quality and also security of cooked bacon, store it in superficial closed containers or cover it with lightweight aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

How Long is Bacon Good for After Opening

In spite of our significant love for bacon, there is always the worry of it being undesirable. Bacon has a bad online reputation of containing a lot of fats that trigger high cholesterol causing major wellness problems. However, some may say that bacon is actually healthy and balanced for you. However certainly, anything that is way too much can be bad. When consumed in the ideal proportion, the wellness benefits will certainly outweigh all the downsides connected with bacon.

Cooking Your Bacon

Bacon can be cooked in a stove, microwave, or stovetop. Pork items ought to constantly be prepared to a minimum interior temperature level of 145 * F (62.8 * C). Bacon is best when cooked until somewhat crunchy.

Be aware that bacon prepared excessively may become dangerous as a result of a raised amount of nitrosamines (carcinogens). You don’t wish to be eating these for breakfast. If your bacon is black, you’ve cooked it too much.

What Happens if you Eat Bad Bacon?

Consuming raw bacon, or bacon that has actually spoiled can enhance your danger of toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, as well as tapeworms. Undercooked or raw meat of any type of kind increases the risk of food poisoning by nurturing viruses, microorganisms, and parasites.

Annually 48 million people in the USA get gastrointestinal disorders, a number of these from raw or rotten meat. It’s always best to guarantee you’re food preparation is fresh and devoid of any kind of weird discoloration, scents or textures. Always keep your bacon appropriately to lower the possibility of getting sick.


If you eat bacon that has spoiled, you might sign and symptoms like nausea or vomiting, throwing up, diarrhea, high temperature, chest pain, as well as dehydration, which can ultimately result in hospitalization. Food poisoning from pork might begin fast, or take weeks to surface.

Attention: want to know how long to grill frozen burgers – read here.

Some Cool Facts About Bacon

Bacon has actually long been applauded for its ability to trigger palate in a distinctly scrumptious way. The succulent pork we like so much can be traced back to 1500 B.C. when the Chinese began healing pork tummy with salt. Speculation exists that the Romans and Greeks later learned about bacon production as well as treating via occupations of the Middle East. The Romans eventually improved pig breeding as well as spread pork production throughout their Realm. Throughout the middle ages times, bacon, as well as bacon fat, were crucial ingredients used by Anglo-Saxons for cooking.

Shelf Life Of Bacon

Vacuum-sealed raw bacon in an unopened bundle will be great up until the best-by day and also a number of days much longer (a week or two).

If you wish to store it for a longer duration, put the package into the freezer today. It can sit there for added 2 months or a bit longer.

If you prepare to keep it in the fridge freezer for longer, wrap the package once more prior to cold. By doing this, you assist prevent fridge freezer melt.

If the package is currently opened up, the rule of thumb is to eat the bacon within a week or so.


If you wish to keep it for longer, freeze it. If that holds true, covering it well is very crucial– usage cling wrap and also freezer bags.

The longer you package to freeze it, the much better it needs to be wrapped (take into consideration wrapping it two times).

If you consider cold, cutting the bacon before freezing and also making a couple of portions might be an excellent concept. This way you’ll have the ability to thaw as several pieces as required at once and also you will not be required to thaw all the bacon at once.

When it involves prepared bacon, it should taste terrific for a couple of days. Certainly, you can freeze it also (remember to cover it appropriately).

In Conclusion

Bacon is a tasty food item that many people delight in typically. To get the best bacon, purchase top-quality pork-cuts (least expensive is never better when it involves bacon), so you understand it has plenty of the appropriate nitrite as well as preservatives to prevent quicker contamination.

Bacon has to always be saved appropriately at the ideal temperature level, and prepared completely (faster instead of later on, after buying). Use Looking, Scenting, and Touching to determine if you remain in the clear or need to head to the shop for a new pack.

If you have any type of question that your bacon isn’t excellent, it’s finest not to risk it. Any question … throw it out!

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