How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC in Car: Prices for 2022-2023

When the summer season warm gets brutal, as well as you’re embedded your RV with a sweating, cranky family members, you may begin questioning, “How much does it set you back to repair the Air Conditioning in my RV?” That’s when you know it’s time to get that dealt with lastly.

However, naturally, you left the A/C till last since you want to conserve cash. Well, perhaps, you still can! How much does it cost to fix AC in car?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The AC In My RV?

“Just how much does it cost to repair the Air Conditioning in my Recreational Vehicle?” depends upon a variety of elements. For example, what type of AC do you have? Will you get an expert to fix it, or will you do it on your own? These all play a significant component in figuring out the price.

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American van

At the reduced end, if you have a roof-mounted A/C as well as you can clean it or replace it yourself, you’re looking at less than $100. On the various other ends of the scale, a covered interior Air Conditioner system with severe damages can cost over a thousand bucks to take care of. Lots of people drop someplace in the middle.

Breaking Down The Costs

So, just how much does it set you back to take care of the AC in my Recreational Vehicle? Allow’s have a look at the variable expenses to obtain a much better idea of what you can expect.

First of all, determine what kind of A/C you have. Is it a roof placed system or a covered device? If you have a roof-mounted Air Conditioner after that excellent information: it’s a lot more affordable to deal with.

Secondly, you require to assess what could be wrong with your Air Conditioning.

Common AC problems

Is your air conditioner running but refraining an excellent work of cooling down your RV? If so, chances are it needs merely a great cleansing as well as new air filters. That is the most useful thing to fix, and also the least pricey.

However, if obstructed air filters persist for enough time, after that, you’ll end up with an icy evaporator coil. That misbehaves news. Because case, you’re taking a look at the price of several hundred dollars.

One more typical trouble lots of Recreational Vehicle a/c have is an improper refrigerant charge. The moment goes on, fuses get old, cords obtain drunk around, as well as your A/C might not be getting enough of a charge to run the compressor electric motor.

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car air conditioner

As long as your compressor is running, however, you can still conserve the device.

An additional typical problem with rooftop Air Conditioner devices is a failed capacitor. That’s like a starter for a car engine. It shocks the compressor engine into action, and also, if it is not functioning, you will not get the unit functioning.


New A/C air filters are simple to change and affordable. You’re looking at in between $30 as well as $$$. RVAIR makes a suitable set of universal filters that will certainly fit most rooftop RV air conditioners.

Next, take a look at the capacitors. They cost between $ and $$. You can replace these with aftermarket parts like 40/5 MFD capacitors.

Nonetheless, if your compressor electric motor is fired, after that, the price begins to rise. A high replacement compressor will certainly cost anywhere from $ to $$$, relying on the make as well as model of your AC system. Furthermore, a new set of coils will set you back between $ and $$$. Which’s before the job, it will set you back to obtain an expert to install them.


The typical cost of an air conditioner to fix your home and also repair your Motor Home is $ per hour. If they require to change coils or a compressor, you’re taking a look at 2 or 3 hrs of work. Ouch!

However, it becomes worse if you have a secured A/C.

In that case, you’ll require to take your Recreational Vehicle to a garage, and also, they’ll need to eliminate the front panels and possibly some wall panels to get at it. Currently, you’re talking about labor prices around $ per hr, and also as much as 6 or 7 hours of labor.

What About The Guarantee?

When you’re asking yourself, “How much does it cost to deal with the Air Conditioner in my Recreational Vehicle?” you may be hoping that service warranty will cover the prices.


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American van

If you have a rooftop A/C, possibilities are that it came with its very own separate warranty, independent of the Motor Home. Most guarantees are good for one year and only cover manufacturer defects. So if you did not transform your air filters after a summertime of use and your evaporator coils froze, resulting in a blown compressor, you run out good luck.

If you have a secured Air Conditioner, then it will possibly be covered under the service warranty that included your Motor Home. You will certainly require to inspect your warranty and also your dealership to find out.

Simple DIY Air Conditioner Fixes

So what if it’s reasonably straightforward? How much does it cost to deal with the A/C in my RV myself? Those are excellent inquiries.

The terrific aspect of doing it yourself is that you only require to spend for parts. So if you need a brand-new air filter or capacitor, you’re taking a look at less than $50.


Let’s get a fast understanding of the parts of an air conditioner

The parts of an air conditioner.

There are five almosts all of an air conditioner.

  • Refrigerant (a.k.a. Freon)
  • Compressor
  • Condenser coil
  • Evaporator coil
  • Expansion valve

You can likewise include minor parts such as air filters, followers, belts, as well as capacitors to the list of integral parts.

The Air Conditioning traps hot air from within your Recreational Vehicle, making use of a fan and vents, and the air goes through air filters, making it tidy. The coolant inside the evaporator coils absorbs the warm. The cooling agent moves on to the compressor when it is warm enough, which warms up the cooling agent even more. It triggers the refrigerant to become aeriform.

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American van

This gas then passes on to the condenser coils, which draw all the warmth from the colder and a fan impacts that warm outside. Then the cooling agent passes back via a development valve, which cools the refrigerant, where it begins throughout once again.

Now you understand some easy fundamental parts of your A/C, and exactly how they function, allow consider how you can take care of several of them.

Unplug the AC.

One of the most important things you can do when you’re tampering your air conditioner is to DISCONNECT IT!

Seriously. People have been electrocuted to death by trying to dig around their AC while it’s still linked to a power source. Don’t do it.

Change the filters and tidy the coils.

The first thing you can do is alter your A/C filters. That is part of routine maintenance, and you ought to do this every two months regardless (every month if you’re traveling with a desert state).

Next off, clean your coils. Both the condenser coils, as well as the evaporator coils, are prone to getting dust as well as little bits of pollen that could slip by the air filters. Likewise, this will certainly eliminate any condensation, which can cause the coils to ice up. Do this consistently.

Change straightforward components.

If your Air Conditioner has concerns where it will not run, attempt replacing some straightforward parts. An air filter or a capacitor is relatively economical and straightforward to replace. If you recognize what you’re doing, you can change the condenser coils. However, we don’t recommend doing that on your own.


In some cases, all you require is a new follower belt. While this appears very easy to replace, not all Air Conditioning’s are the same. In some cases, the straps are buried deep in the motor or don’t also exist. We advise having a pro do this work.

When To Call A Professional?

So, just how much does it set you back to repair the A/C in my RV if I obtain a specialist to do it?

You’re looking at a minimum of $, and also equalize to $$$. So when should you call a pro?

If your A/C won’t even activate, have a professional take a look at it. They can at the very least tell you what needs replacing and you can choose what to do following. However, if your Air Conditioner is making a screeching noise, you’ll desire a pro. Perhaps it’s loud thumps and also clunks: You’ll want a professional to check it out right away.

Also, if you have a secured Air Conditioning device, after that, most of the time, beyond changing air filters, you’ll require a specialist to look at it.

That draws, but it’s SO worth it once the Air Conditioner is running again. Secured devices tend to do a much better task of cooling down the entire RV down evenly, and are much less likely to fail in hot temperatures. They’re merely pricey when they do break down.

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American van

Hit the trail.
So, currently, you recognize the solution to the concern, “How much does it cost to take care of the AC in my RV?”.

If you’re doing it on your own, in between $ and also $$$. If you’re allowing a professional do it, between $ and also $$$.

Either way, when your air conditioner is up and running once more, you can hit the road. You’ll know that you’ll be helpful as well as great throughout those warm summer days. Or any day in Florida.


So, a little more details: prices!

Many auto air conditioners have five significant elements: the cooling agent lugs the warm; the compressor attracts cooling agent, presses it and also relocate along; the condenser eliminates warm (like a car radiator); the development valve is a nozzle that regulates refrigerant circulation, and even the drier/evaporator cools the car by blowing warm interior air throughout the cooling agent. gives an automotive a/c introduction

Typical costs:

  • Anticipate to pay $ 100 – $ 300 to have a service technician inspect as well as examine the air conditioner, including reviewing all tubes, belts and also links and afterward topping it off with fresh refrigerant, potentially with dye included to look for leakages, or (if the cooling agent is down considerably) recharging it by draining pipes the old coolant as well as refilling it. There is no way for a service technician to identify precisely how much refrigerant is contributed to or removed from the system, so most stores bill the same flat charge for completing or recharging; others have a fee for the labor, and a separate cost for a collection amount of refrigerant (typically two extra pounds) despite the actual amount made use of. CostHelper viewers report paying $ 115 – $260 to have their a/c checked as well as either topped off or reenergized, at an ordinary cost of $162.
  • If leaks are spotted, it commonly sets you back $ 150 – $ 800 for small repair work to a vehicle’s a/c system and afterward charging it. This generally consists of replacing a couple of parts like tubes, sensors, or either the compressor or condenser. CostHelper visitors report paying $171 – $727 for small cooling repairs, at an ordinary cost of $ 488.
  • Extensive vehicle cooling fixings can cost $ 1,000 – $ 4,000 or more, depending on the make and also version. This can consist of replacing many or every one of the air conditioning system’s parts– compressor, condenser, tubes, sensors, belts, stress button and also shutoffs– and after that charging the cooling agent. For cars and trucks built before 1995, the refrigerant will undoubtedly require to be converted to a kind that fulfills current environmental needs. CostHelper visitors report expenses of $1,000-$ 3,700 for significant air conditioning repair work, with approximately $ 1,829.
  • Installing cooling in a vehicle that doesn’t have any can cost $ 1,500 – $ 4,000 or even more, relying on a place as well as the automobile’s year, make and also version; luxury cars can cost a lot more. As an example, Top Competing Devices markets complete air conditioning kits for vintage vehicles and even vehicles for $1,150-$ 1,395 for just the components; installment by a knowledgeable specialist can take 12-22 hours at regarding $50-$ 100 an hour, bringing overall costs to mount those sets to $1,750-$ 3,595.

What should be included:

  • Car air conditioning repairs are governed by government and also state environmental policies, as well as must be done by a certified technician utilizing specific tools. The Environmental Protection Agency explains how auto cooling impacts climate adjustment
  • Fixings usually include locating as well as quitting leakages; it can be complicated to find a tiny, slow leakage in a hard-to-reach location, so it sometimes needs numerous efforts to deal with the system. The EPA reviews the distinction between completing as well as charging as well as describes the typical steps for servicing auto a/c
  • To add an air conditioning system to a vehicle that does not have one, the installation consists typically of puncturing the firewall software, changing the heating unit core, mounting new under-hood components, changing the dashboard, and also adapting the existing airflow controls.

Added costs:

  • For vehicles developed before 1995, the Epa approximates it can cost $100-$ 800 to convert from making use of CFC-12 refrigerant (brand name Freon) to an approved replacement, depending on the make, design, and also age of the car. However, if the conversion is made with another repair, the EPA estimates it will undoubtedly add less than $200 to the total cost. Making use of CFC-12 is not banned, yet it is no more produced in the United States because it diminishes the ozone layer, as well as there, are dwindling supplies of CFC-12 available.


Do-it-yourselfers can refresh an aging vehicle a/c system by topping it off with a recharge kit that usually sets you back concerning $ 40 – $ 60. CNET evaluates the A/C Pro system, calling it an excellent Do It Yourself first step before seeking advice from an auto mechanic.

Shopping for car air conditioning:

Montgomery County, MD, clarifies what to expect from vehicle cooling maintenance as well as repair services.
A/c fixings are readily available from car dealerships; automotive treatment chains like Firestone, Midas, Meinecke, or Sears; or at the independent service center. Look at the National Institute for Automotive Service Quality or the International Automotive Technicians Network for the local service center.

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