How Much Does it Cost to Get Dreadlocks in 2022-2023

In fact, it is hard enough to answer this question in a concrete way. Some nuances directly affect how much does it cost to get dreadlocks. As with any service, dreadlocks cost can vary from nothing to a couple thousand dollars. Surely, you wonder how to find out the exact answer and finally make a decision.

But first, like any decision regarding the cost of services, it all depends on you. Do you prefer the most affordable option like freeform locks or are you thinking about how much does it cost to get dreads professionally?

We decided to prepare this article to help you look into the matter.


Freeform locks

How much does it cost to get dreadlocks

The formation of freeform locks is an option for the most patient people, because it lasts a very long time. Its greatest advantage is that they are completely free and natural. It is also worth to mention that this is the most ancient and proven method. Even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used this technique.

All you have to do is wait and neglect your ordinary haircare routine. The dreadlocks will knot on their own. Do not comb or style them. You may be wondering “what about hygiene?” Of course, you should not go to extremes with not wash your hair. Other than being dirty and unhygienic, you will not get the results you want with a dirty head.

We want to point out that for a neater look, you will need to separate the locks. You can also use the backcombing and the twist and rip methods. Feel free to ask your friends for help! These methods will help you achieve the desired result faster.

As we mentioned earlier, the price of these dreadlocks is zero dollars! It might be quite surprising to find out that the answer to the question “how much does it cost get dreadlocks” could be “it’s completely free!” However, you will definitely need to invest a lot of your time.

 Wax and kits

This is probably one of the most harmful and disadvantageous ways to get dreadlocks.

We would not advise to use any of these styling products, at least because it can affect the health of your hair as you can already see from the previous method.

 Despite beliefs, dreadlocks do not require wax or other sticky substances because hair can knot itself. For this reason, there are so many detangling hair products on the market. Wax makes hair look messy, dirty, heavy and sticky. Please, be careful.

The price of wax can be as low as $5 or as high as $30, and the cost of special kits varies and can be over $ 100. Therefore, this dreadlocks price can be attractive, money is not the issue, and you should think about it before choosing this method.¨


Dread perm

The dread perm is a method by which hair curls and dreadlocks form faster. It is often useful for people with Asian or Caucasian hair, because they have a special structure that is difficult to tangle.

This technique is also unnatural and can damage your hair because it is chemical. You should consider whether you are ready to take the risk and accept the fact that after such a procedure, your hair will become brittle and unhealthy.

In case you still decide to use a perm, take the time to find a trusted and experienced specialist. If you are wondering how much is it to get dreads that way, you may study the prices in your city. On average, it costs about $500. Sure, some dreadlocks prices can be even higher.

Professional loctitians

One of the most important questions is how much does it cost to get dreadlocks professionally? This question also cannot be answered definitely, but we will try to clarify something.

 It is difficult to find the average cost of installing dreadlocks by a master, because it depends not only on their experience, but also on the structure and length of the hair, as well as the dreading method. It often happens that specialists charge for their services hourly.

However, some of them have a fixed price. Please, choose a loctitian carefully and wisely to avoid negative cases and impression. The dreadlock salon prices  ranges from a few hundred to nearly a thousand dollars. Make sure you look at the price tag carefully and find the option that suits you best to answer the main question „where can I get dreadlocks done professionally?”


Here are a couple of tips for choosing a professional:

Tip 1. Check professional loctitian‘s portfolio and reviews. This will save you from inexperienced people and unpleasant consequences. Find the master’s business account in social networks or use the review services. Or you can find them by asking your friends, who already had this experience.

Tip 2. Ask if the professional uses wax or other toxic cosmetics. As we said before, wax can be damaging for your hair. Be sure to keep your hair healthy!

Tip 3. Read more about the techniques of installing dreadlocks. Some of them may be more damaging that the other, but you are the only person who knows the state and structure of your hair, so here you go. Once you know which one is right for you, look for a master who uses it.

You should understand that going to a professional cannot promise instant results (unless you want to get temporary faux locs or goddess locs but those last a couple of months). Even after the procedure, you need to wait until the dreadlocks take the desired form, because the task of the loctitian is to separate the locks and give them a pre-shape.

Loc extensions

It may be that your hair is too short to be dreaded on its own. The hair extension services may be useful to you. So, the following question arises: how much does it cost to get dreadlocks using extensions?  There are several ways to extend your hair.

 1. Dreadlock reattachment – the easiest and cheapest way is to reattach the dreadlocks that you cut off earlier. Keep this method in mind.

 2. Faux locs is a turnkey solution for those who want a temporary and instant result. If you are not sure about tangling your hair for a long period of time, you will like this technique, we promise. The dreadlocks will look good immediately as soon as they are attached to your hair. Faux locs can be made from synthetic materials (Marley, Kanekalon) or natural (human hair or wool). You can wear faux locs for about three months.  The advantage of this method is that you can choose any color of the dreadlocks without dyeing your hair.

 3. Goddess locs are quite similar to faux ones, but for sure, they feel much easier than the previous and look more natural.

 4. Human hair extension is definitely one of the most expensive ways to get dreads. The clear advantage of the human hair extension is its undeniable natural look. It can already be dreaded before attaching it to your hair.

 5. Synthetic hair extension is same as the previous method, but the differences here are in the price and material.

  The cost of extension is set depending on the length and quality of the chosen material.  You will also pay for the installation of extension itself. Some of the loctitians may charge a price for each dread.


Cosmetic products

An important factor to consider when getting dreadlocks are cosmetic products that you purchase in the process. The quantity of funds you spend on them depends only on you. Scalp oil, essential oils and shampoo are the basis for the daily care.

The essential oils (jasmine oil, peppermint oil, rosemary or tea tree oil) can be added to shampoo. Most often, dreadlocks are washed once a week. Scalp oils are needed to help your skin get used to hairstyle changes. By the way, residue of the shampoo on your hair can be destructive to the dreadlocks.

It is enough to wash the locks with soapy water, and wash the roots with slightly diluted shampoo and essential oil. It is recommended to wash the dreadlocks with warm (not hot!) water. After washing, gently wring out the strands with a towel. 

Let your hair dry naturally, then start rolling the locs in a circular motion from top to bottom. Do not forget to read the ingredient list of the products. Overall, keeping track of what you put on your body is very beneficial. Although you do not have to brush your hair, you must build and maintain your daily hair care so that they delight you.

In general, you can spend as much as $30 or several hundred on the purchase of hair and scalp care products, depending on your preferences. For this reason, we said that it is difficult to say how much do dreads cost

Loc maintenance 

Dreadlocks are considered as an extremely practical hairstyle that does not require very difficult maintenance.  Nevertheless, if you do not follow certain rules and do not pay due attention to the new hairstyle, then it will take on a terrible look.

The professional maintenance of your dreads is not necessary, unless you are not able to do it yourself or the dread catastrophe happened. Again, the main thing with dreads is to let them be and do not touch them a lot, wash your hair and check if the roots are well separated.

Remember to drink water to keep your scalp hydrated and not itchy (which can also be a serious problem). Try not to neglect completely, because it will cost you a large sum of money or even your hair health.

Try to tie your head with a satin or silk scarf at night – this will help the dreadlocks keep their shape for a long time. Cover your head when cleaning and before going to dusty places.

Trust us, patience will pay off. If you wait, your hair will surely be dreaded in their best way. We say this because we know that many people are extremely impatient about this and you may be among them.

Of course, if you feel that something is wrong and you feel uncomfortable with the dreadlocks, seek the services of a professional. However, be sure to take the time to find a good loctitian so that the situation become even worse.

Your may have a hair loss in the first year, so be ready for it. It is fine, but be careful. We should say that all you can do is to allow your scalp to get used to the tension. Do not twist your hair too often, once every two months is enough to keep the shape.

Most of the problems can be avoided by checking your roots regularly and separating them, so the maintenance will cost you not so expensive as if you will forget about your hair routine. 

Loc styling

Like anyone, you may want to style your dreadlocks in a special way. Salon professionals can handle this, but keep in mind that it can be a lot of stress on the hair roots. As always, keep an eye on the condition of your hair so as not to spoil the result you have been going for so long.

Owners of faux or goddess dreadlocks find it easier to cope with the “lion’s mane”, since the kanekalon is quite elastic.  You can tie the dreadlocks in knots, weave them into braids, or pin them up with cute hairpins.

Natural dreadlocks are a little tougher, and they are held in knots or with a special elastic bandage.  However, there is always a way to decorate dreadlocks with special rings or pendants.

In general, styling dreadlocks is not healthy. Styling prices can vary greatly.

We hope that we helped you to make a decision and realize your intensions, and partially answered the question of how much does it cost to get dreadlocks.

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