How to Change Phone Number on UBER (in Pictures)

The riders and motorists have to maintain their healthy and balanced partnership with Uber through upgrading or even tweaking all the needed relevant information, as and when it is required, to avoid the failure of communications and also ensure ongoing accessibility to a whole series of services.

Uber account holders might need to modify their telephone number as a result of different factors such as burglary, unintentional damages, loss, or fixing, and also routine maintenance.
Some consumers who take a trip overseas might desire to use the local SIM card while taking a trip to a foreign country.

Technology experts recommend these procedures for changing the Uber Phone Number:

3 Methods to Change Uber Phone Number

Method 1: By Uber App

The customers can directly change the Uber contact number from their most current App on the Smart or cellphone. Implement the list below the sequence of steps for the favorable result.

1: Make sure you have one of the most updated Uber App on your phone.

Settings in the UBER app

2: Open the App and also pick the ‘Account’ alternative from the menu.

Settings in the UBER app

3: Touch the ‘EDIT’ link under your name and experience the current details.

Settings in the UBER app

4: After that, select the pencil icon at the top right of the screen.

Settings in the UBER app

5: You need to fill in the account password to access and also modify the old account.

Settings in the UBER app

6: Update the details such as Uber telephone number, brand-new address, or most recent e-mail ID.

Settings in the UBER app

7: Uber may send out an OTP or SMS to validate the demand; all changes will indeed become reliable within one day.

Settings in the UBER app


Method 2: Using the Uber website

Uber has an adequately designed worldwide site in addition to associate sites for various nations as well as cities. The riders and companions can join, check-in, review information, and inspect their account information or execute all the permissible online transactions.

1: First, you need to open the official portal at the go to the official website

Settings on the UBER website

2: After that, you need to sign in to the individual account, making use of the old phone number.

Settings on the UBER website

3: Select the ‘Account’ web link from the dashboard and also upgrade the new Uber telephone number.

Settings on the UBER website

4: Examine your current account condition and also various other information before sending the changes.

Settings on the UBER website

Method 3: through Customer Services

Uber is a technology-intensive transport facilitator, and both ride-sharing customers, in addition to driver-partners, need to register for a personal account.

The business keeps all the essential details of the stakeholders in this account as well as it includes Uber phone number, e-mail id, name, address, savings account details, as well as transaction information.

how to change phone number on uber

Uber has a nice variety of services that also includes Uber consumer support to aid the companions and even guests with various problems, pointers, and demands. The adhering to centers is made available, and even consumers, as well as motorists, can contact them.

E-mail Id: [email protected]
Uber International Phone Number: 1-866-576-1039
Uber Contact for Emergencies: 1-800-593-5994
Uber Fax: 1-877-223-8023

Uber Phone Communications

The bikers and also drivers join or sign up with Uber for the very first time utilizing their contact number, active e-mail ID, as well as promotion codes (for price cut). Other information that is filled in the form includes first name, surname, password, and city name.

Given that, Uber clients utilize Smartphones such as iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and so on. The address or route tracking, grab as well as drop places are identified using the GENERAL PRACTITIONER modern technology.


The car sharers, as well as partners, connect with each various other utilizing their phone numbers when Uber links them from the nerve center. The business might adhere to a safety plan as well as mask the telephone number or use quasi call numbers for some services in some cities and also countries.

Step-by-step video instruction

Look carefully at this video-it clearly shows how to do everything in steps:

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