How to Do a Pop Shove It – Useful Information

We are sure that every skater just considers it their mission to learn how to do this trick, which is called pop shove it. How do you make pop shove it? We’ll tell you in a moment.

Interesting fact: skateboarding first appeared in California, around the 50s of the 20th century. Strangely enough, it was invented by surfers, so that they had something to do when there were no waves.

For Beginner Skater

If you do not know what this trick is, then most likely you are a beginner skater, but do not worry, because we will now tell you all the rules and techniques of performing this trick – pop shove it.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

Pop shove it – this is a classic trick and is considered one of the easiest tricks that can be performed on a skateboard. Keep reading our guide to understanding what pop shove it is and how to do it.

What is a First Pop Shove

What does the term “pop shove it” mean? Pop shove it is a trick that is performed on a skateboard, it combines a push and a push ollie.

In simple words this is when a skateboard twists in the air and rotates 180 degrees, it looks very cool and spectacular, and performing is not so difficult, just finishing reading to the end.

When you finally master pop shuvit, you can add multiple variations of your own and perform it on any obstacle.

So, How to Do a Pop Shove It

And so, now we will describe to you step by step how to learn how to do pop shove it, keep reading to learn this skateboard trick.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

Also, please note that there are many variations of this trick, such as frontside pop shove it, but we will teach you how to do the standard, so to speak, basic pop shove it.

Well, the introduction is over, it’s time to get down to business! There are a few nuances to keep in mind when learning this pop shove it skateboard trick. We’ll talk about them a little later.

The Beginning of The Movement

In order to start doing pop shove it, you need to prepare. After all, if this is your first time on a skateboard, you will have to train much longer, but don’t worry, even if you are just starting to become a skater, you will succeed!

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To start, of course, you need to take your skateboard and stand on it. The whole secret of pop shove it in fact is that you kind of toss your skateboard, make a push and the skateboard turns 180 degrees as it flies.

Important: the main point in learning how to pop shove it is to feel comfortable riding your skateboard and to have the ability to distribute your weight properly.

Ollie and Scoop

What are Ollie and Scoop? Interested-then stays tuned. A basic Ollie is when you push off the end of the skateboard and then kind of scoop it with your back foot. Only, all these manipulations must be done quickly and at the same time, then the trick is sure to work.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

Now that you are at least somewhat familiar with the elements of the pop shove it a skateboarding trick, you need to make sure that your skateboard rotates 180 degrees. It is important that the skateboard rotates exactly 180 degrees.

If you do the trick too fast, the skateboard will rotate more than 180 degrees and you are unlikely to be able to stand on it. And if you do the skate tricks too slowly, the board won’t have time to rotate 180 degrees.

Foot Position

It would seem that the position of the legs is not so important, only the technique is important, but no. The position of the legs is the most important thing when performing pop shove it. And what it should be, you are about to find out.

It should be said that the position of the legs when performing pop shove it is almost no different from the position of the legs when riding an ordinary skateboard.

The Position of The Front Foot

The front foot should be near the front bolts on the board. Remember that you have to feel confident on the skateboard, then you are sure to succeed.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

The front foot is like a point of control, through it you control all the movements that you perform when you pop shove it. But it’s more interesting with the back foot.

The Position of The Back Knee

The position of the hind leg is the main point when performing pop shove it. With the back foot, the real magic happens.

You have to position the back foot roughly in the center of the tail of the skateboard. The toes of the back foot should take a slightly dangling position off the board, but not too much, otherwise, it won’t work and you might fall off at all.

Back Foot Position

It is from the back foot that you will need a large amount of force to make the skateboarding trick work for sure.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

You have to make sure that your back foot provides the kind of force that makes your skateboard turn, and make a full turn.

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When you do the push, you make the back leg move down and back to get that push. Then the trick pop shuvit will definitely work!

Where to Point the Skateboard

So, we’ve figured out the position of the legs when doing the pop shove it trick and the position of the legs, now let’s move on to the question of where to point the skateboard.

So, Where to Point the Skateboard

When pointing the skateboard anywhere, the back foot is also very important. You have to use the back foot to turn the board 180 degrees. With it, you kind of has to lift and twist the skateboard a little bit.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

What To Do Next

We will take apart this trick – pop shove it in as much detail as possible, step by step. And so now, when your skateboard is in flight, so to speak, that is started to spin, you have to do everything not to interfere with him.

All you need to do at this moment of pop shove it is to lift your front foot and move it a little bit to the side, and the back foot you also need to lift a little and move it to the side, so as not to interfere with the board to spin.

How to Land the Skateboard Correctly

So, we’ve laid out the leg position and other things, and now we’ll look at how to land the skateboard, and do it correctly and accurately.

And so, How to Land a Skateboard When Pop Shove It

The front foot will be involved here, so read carefully. You need to catch the skateboard with your front foot at the moment when it turns 180 degrees. First, you have to catch it with your front foot, and then with your back foot.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

At the moment when you catch your skateboard with both feet, you need to land it on the ground, but how do you do that? It’s simple, the main thing is to make sure that the skateboard lands flat, not sideways, so you have to control this process.

Why Bend Your Knees

You need to bend your knees to sort of cushion the landing of the skateboard on the ground. When you flex your legs, this way you stabilize your position on the skateboard.

Tips for Pop Shove It

You think you know how to pop shove it, but you can’t do it or you have trouble catching the skateboard before it lands? Then here are our tips for you.

Tip One

You need to make sure that at the moment of rotation of the board, you do not push it away from yourself, because then you will be completely uncomfortable and difficult to catch a skateboard when pop shove it.

Tip Two

You should focus on the fact that the center of gravity is exactly above the skateboard. That way you’re sure to get it right.

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Tip Three

When you managed to perform a trick pop shove it, try to do it a few more times, to fix the result so to speak.

Tip Four

You can watch some instructional videos to familiarize yourself with the trick more clearly and see how the professionals perform it.

What Can be a Problem When Pop Shove It

We think that since you want to learn how to do the trick pop shove it, you will definitely be interested to know about the problems you may encounter when learning this trick.

How to Do a Pop Shove It - Useful Information How To Do It

The problems can be

  1. Too much concentration of force
  2. Lack of push strength
  3. Not getting your feet up well and your skateboard gets caught on them and falls off

Try to avoid these problems so that you can pop shove it for sure.

Too Hard

If your board twists very quickly or starts to flip sharply under you, you know it’s because you’re kind of flicking your back foot too hard.

Trust me, you don’t have to exert that much effort just to make the board bounce and turn 180 degrees under you. You need to keep this in mind when you do these practical steps! Follow our tips to make sure you get it perfect.

Improper Foot Position

We’ve said before that the secret to this trick, namely pop shove it, is the push. It’s important to do it right so that the trick will work out completely and then all your friends will be jealous of your skateboard tricks.

Regarding the front foot, it should stay right above the board so that the foot can catch it, at the moment of the flip. If your front foot is too high or too far to the side, then it just does not have time to catch the skateboard.

If you have a problem, namely you can not catch the skateboard, then you should return to the practical stage, namely the stage of catching the skateboard under you.

Video: How to Do a Pop Shove It

In this video, how to do a PopShove It with step-by-step instructions.

Concluding Thoughts

We sincerely hope that we were able to help you make a pop stitch it and that you did great! Well, if you’ve read to the end, we guarantee that you’ll succeed and you’ll be able to do the pop shove it.

We hope you enjoy it and learn how to do the techniques to do this classic trick! Thank you for your attention. Here is how to lace air force 1.

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