How to Do the Bust it Challenge on TikTok – Useful Guide

Tiktok has become an incredibly popular platform through which people can share their clips with the entire Internet. You can find absolutely any videos on any topic and with any sounds on Tiktok.


Regularly on this platform, there are so-called trends and challenges, which people who want to become popular and promote their clips in recommendations, shoot and post so that other people can put a like and write a comment so that the video is promoted to the top.

So, How to Do the Bust It Challenge on TikTok

Here comes the bust it challenge has become such a challenge that is quite popular right now. If you love making TikTok videos or want to become popular, thanks to this platform, then you definitely need to follow all the challenges and trends so that your clips will be seen by as many people as possible.

What is the Buss It Challenge

Before telling you how to pass the buss it challenge on TikTok, you need to generally understand what it is and what the challenge is all about.


In TikTok there are many videos with reincarnations, they consist of the fact that the first person in the frame looks unkempt, maybe even dirty or just in homemade clothes, with disheveled hair.

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After the song says, “I think my butt is getting big,” the contestants drop down, which signals a transition to another cut of them, puppeteering and twerking to Erica Banks` “Buss It.”

And then a transition is created and the person in the frame is reincarnated: nice clothes, makeup if it’s a girl, styling, and some effects.

What Song do They Shoot the Buss It Challenge to

The Buss It challenge with reincarnation TikTok bloggers shoot to the song “Buss It” by rapper Erica Banks. The challenge is so popular right now that it`s trending on Twitter, on Instagram, and a number of celebrities have already shared their own clips of the challenge.


Interesting: the Erica Banks song used in the challenge was recorded in December 2019 and released in June 2020, and it gained incredible popularity in mid-2021, bloc thanks to the TikTok challenge.

Who Was the First Person to Start the Buss It Challenge

If we talk about the first person to the buss it challenge, it was Erika Davila herself. She posted a video on the first of January in which she dances to the song “Buss It”.

In the video, she encourages subscribers to create their own clips, writing, “Someone please make this transition, but all pretty omg please,” apparently creating a challenge. Erica Banks later made another video with the transition.

What Other Platforms Have the “Buss It” Track Challenge

Stories on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter-these platforms are also trending to an Erica Banks track. Hot sparkly outfits always attract viewers, because it looks very cool and beautiful in the frame.

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Anyone will be involved and will definitely want to make a video on this trend. Only how to do it, we are going to tell you that too, keep reading.

How to Shoot the Buss It Challenge

To shoot this trend and get into TikTok recommendations, you first need to take your phone, turn on your camera, and put it either on a tripod or on a stand, then start recording to Erica Banks’ track.

In doing so, you should be unkemptly dressed in homemade clothes, muss your hair or tie a sloppy bun. Before you start shooting, you can watch some video examples to get your bearings and know how to behave in the frame.

Then, when the footage has reached a certain point, then it’s time to do the makeover and transition. Put on your most hot clothes, do a nice bright expressive makeup look, do a nice hairstyle or style, and go ahead and shoot the trending video.

Now you can post your clip on Instagram or YouTube to be seen by as many people as possible. We are sure they will like your trending video and it will get a lot of likes and views.

Video: How to Do the Bust it Challenge on TikTok

In this video how to make and edit TikTok’s Bust It Challenge.

Final Thoughts

We hope we were able to explain to you in an accessible way what the bust it challenge is and how to shoot it properly, how to dance, and what to wear for the makeover. We want to say in conclusion that making trendy clips in TikTok is not just shaking your butt to random music, very often it can be difficult to create a really cool video, nevertheless you should try, we are sure you will succeed. Here is how to escape prison in bitlife.

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