How to Escape Prison in BitLife – Guide for Gamers

Many players around the world are on the lookout for various aspects of the BitLife walkthrough. Usually, it’s related to professions or ribbons that can be earned in the game. We decided to keep up, too, and will help you with one interesting question: how to escape prison in BitLife.

What Is BitLife

BitLife is rightfully considered one of the most popular life simulator games on your phone, and there’s always something to do and how to have fun. Whatever you want to be, anything is possible in this game.


You start the journey with your own birth and end it with a ribbon to see how your life went and where you excelled during the game. There are no newfangled graphics in the game, but it remains incredibly interesting and with a huge amount of choices to achieve certain goals.

Before we move on to how to escape prison in BitLife, we need to understand how to become a criminal in this game. Let’s mention right off the bat that becoming a criminal is very easy. All you have to do is do something very bad, up to and including murder, and you’ll be behind bars in no time.

If you don’t want to take the sin of murder in the game, then you can commit such crimes as bank robbery or breaking into an ATM on the street. If you were not dexterous enough, you will be arrested and sent to jail. In this guide, we will describe all the methods of escaping from every prison in the game.


One thing you should know is that a proper strategy is a way to a successful BitLife prison escape, so planning will be our main feature in this tutorial. If you suddenly get caught after an unsuccessful escape, your punishment will be much tougher.

So we will help you to successfully escape even from the most difficult prison layout with attentive guards. We will also tell you how to get such ribbons as Jailbird and Houdini.

How to Escape Prison in BitLife

Many players want to know how to escape prison in BitLife because it’s a difficult task. This is especially true for newcomers to the game who have only recently begun to master it. Our advice to those players who are just getting into prison for the first time: go horizontally to block the policeman near the wall.


The policeman will not be able to see you and will not do anything to you if he is below you and if he is blocked by the wall. You, on the other hand, can move to the right or to the left, but the policeman has to move horizontally to get out of your blocking.

Our advice: try to block the policeman using all available obstacles and then just think carefully and find a way to get out of the prison safely.

How to Escape Prison in BitLife – Plan Your Escape

There are several prison models in the game, and many of them mirror each other. You will have to try very hard to make it to the exit without being caught by the guards. If you fail your escape, the game will react as follows: it will waste a few more years of your life and give you another opportunity to do so.

How to Escape Prison in BitLife – Prison Maps

There are quite a few varieties of prison maps in the game, but each map starts with a Star and ends with an Exit. Each map is a grid and has a number of obstacles on it, which are not a threat to you, but to the policeman, they are.


Also, in addition to the maps, there are also difficulty levels. They are divided into Maximum Security prisons and Medium Security prisons maps. Getting around a policeman is very easy on the Normal difficulty level and much harder on the Maximum security prison maps.

As a side note, when you make one move, the guard makes two. Each time he only heads towards you. The first moves he makes are horizontal.

BitLife Jail Map Layout 3×4

We think this is the clearest map in the game. Your goal: to guide the guard into a corner and trap him using obstacles. Once you have accomplished this simple goal, you can safely reach the exit and escape prison. The easiest thing to do is to make two left-right movements to confuse the guard, and then go right and up to successfully reach the exit.


Remember to make sure that the guard is really stuck in front of the obstacle.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4

This map is a grid where two characters, namely you and the guard, move at the same time. The guard will make the first steps toward you as soon as he sees you start moving horizontally. This is also a fairly easy level to get through and escape prison.


First, you have to go right to left to a dead end and then just go straight ahead. Then go back to the same dead-end and move to the beginning of the map. After that, bravely head for the exit to make a successful escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 Second Map

On each map, you will find the starting position and the exit from the prison. You will also see a guard and yourself, who will have to find a safe path to the exit and escape prison. The guard moves along a special route, you just have to calculate the trajectory and trap him, that’s the main key to winning. So you have to walk in such a way that you don’t get caught by the guard.


You need to think ahead, anticipate your opponent’s actions, and successfully achieve your goal. On this map, you should get your character around the corner, then slowly get to the exit of the map, while remembering to lock the guard behind the obstacle. Here is an information about mobile strike alliance gift level.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×4

This map is quite easy to master. You don’t need to lock the security guard behind an obstacle here, because he will already be restricted from the start. First, make the following moves: start with a step to the right, and then move carefully to the bottom of the map. Once you are one step away from the dead-end, move to the left and head for the exit point to successfully escape prison.

bit9 1

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×5

On this map, you will have to act particularly carefully in order to successfully escape from the Maximum Security prisons. You will have to walk down the corridor several times and return to the starting point until you can put the guard at a standstill. Calculate each step and watch your opponent’s every move. Once you realize that the path is clear, head for the exit.


BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×6

There is one security guard waiting for you here. He is located next to you behind an obstacle near the exit point, but it is unlikely that you will be able to deal with him quickly. First, head to the left side. After that, walk up to the end of the map.


Then turn right and reach the end of the map again. Make a turn and make one move down, then go left. Following these directions, which will lead you to where you ended up, go back to the starting point of the map and then walk to the exit and escape prison.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×7

Often in the game, you will be able to observe that when you escape you will get to this Maximum Security prison map. There is also a mirror version of it. The method of escape will be the same in both cases, the main thing is to know how to move correctly for a successful passage.


On this map, you will see that the guard is initially locked behind an obstacle, but you can’t just get to the exit when you start moving. You need to carefully calculate each step to get out of the prison without risking arrest.

BitLife Maximum Security Prison Map Layout 5×7 Second Map

If you come across this escape map, you’ll see that the guard is standing right in front of the exit. You need to follow the correct order of action to avoid unpleasant situations, trick the guard, and get out of the prison:


  1. Walk down and turn left.
  2. Now take one step up and turn left again.
  3. Next, take one step up, then left, then down, then twice left, up again, and move down.

Then head for the exit.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×5

In this Maximum security prison map, you will be standing next to a guard, and the only thing that will prevent him from seeing you immediately is the barrier between you. You won’t be able to walk straight to the exit with brave steps, you will definitely be interrupted by the guard and you will fail your escape.


So to get out of this map, you need the guard to catch up with you a little bit. Here’s the order of steps for you:

  • Go left to the end and then move near the wall down to the end.
  • Turn right and go to the dead-end again, then turn around upwards.
  • Take one step, you won’t be able to go any further because of the barrier, then turn left.

After that, you can follow the right path to reach the endpoint and make a successful escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×6

This map is quite difficult to pass, especially for a beginner. But don’t despair, because we have prepared a detailed step-by-step guide on how to overcome all the difficulties and successfully cope with the task of escape:


  • Reach the end of the row and go up to the dead end.
  • Now you need to go back to the starting point and then to the end towards the bottom.
  • Now go one cell to the left and then back to the right. Again take one step to the left and then up two divisions.
  • Take the next two steps to the left and then one step up, now two steps to the left again.
  • Now go down to the end of the map, and then take three steps up.

We turn right and walk forward two times. Then we get to the exit of the prison.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×6 Second Map

On this Maximum security prison map, you have to play hide-and-seek with the guard for quite a long time. The map is considered one of the most difficult in the whole game. It will be quite tedious to describe all the steps, so just take a look at the screenshot with a detailed and clear description of all the steps.


BitLife Prison Map Layout 7×4

This map, despite its size, is very easy to pass even on Maximum security and you can quickly escape from it. Go three times to the left, then turn up. Go one square to the right, then head down to the dead end. Then just go to the exit for an easy and successful escape.


BitLife Prison Map Layout 8×7

This map is one of the most difficult to play, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to escape from the prison quickly. You have to run through most of the cells to avoid the guard, and you have to do it long enough, otherwise, you’ll easily end up back in your cell.


Remember that failed escapes are punishable by more time in jail, so don’t abuse the failures so you don’t end up in jail.

Don’t forget that the guard takes two steps for everyone you take. At first, he will walk horizontally toward you. You just have to follow the directions in the image to successfully complete this level.

Video: How to Escape Prison in BitLife

BitLife Prison Map Layout 8×8

Escaping from this map on a maximum security level is the most difficult task. You will have to use all your skills to successfully reach the exit. Carefully plan each of your steps, carefully observing the actions of the guard. Your task is to be as far away from the guard as possible while moving towards the exit.


You must look carefully at the Maximum security map to locate the places where you will lead the guard to block him and defeat him. On this map, you should stick to the left side of the grid more often.

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