How to Hide Pictures on GALAXY S7: Instruction on Steps

Step by step instructions (different phone models)

You need to set up the Exclusive setting before you can relocate any image folders to Personal.

Android 7.0 Nougat

  1. From your tool’s Settings, go to Lock screen and security >Private mode.
  2. Glide the button to the on position. If this is your very first time transforming this feature on, you’ll need to comply with the on-screen instructions to set it up.

    How to Hide Pictures on GALAXY S7

  3. As soon as you’re done setting up the Exclusive mode with your accessibility password, open up the Gallery application, after that select the albums that you wish to conceal, and then touch Menu switch > Move to Private.

Phone setting

When you end up moving the albums to Private, go back to your device’s configuration> Lock screen and security >> Private mode to turn off the Private setting.

Note: Doing so, the albums secretive will indeed be hidden from the Gallery app.
Idea: You can also touch the Private mode switch from the quick setups panel to swiftly activate and even off the Private mode.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  1. From your phone’s Settings, go to  Privacy and safety > Private mode.
  2. Slide the switch to the on position. If this is your first time transforming this function on, you may need to follow the on-screen instructions to establish it up.

    Phone setting

  3. Open Gallery, pick the cd that you intend to conceal, and after that touch More > Move to Private.

    Phone setting

  4. As soon as you’re done moving to Private, go to phone’s Settings > Privacy and safety > Private mode to switch off the Personal setting.

Keep in mind: Turning off the Private mode makes the hidden albums invisible in Gallery.

Suggestion: A quicker method to turn on as well as off the Private mode would be making use of the (Personal setting) toggle button on the notification panel.

To check out and also unhide a concealed picture album

  1. From your phone’s Settings, go to Privacy and safety > Private mode, and also move the switch to the on the setting.
  2. Open up Gallery, the album with a lock symbol in the lower-left corner is concealed.

    Phone setting

  3. To unhide, select the album, and then touch More > Remove from Private.

Video instructions

Watch these two video instructions to help you do all the steps yourself:

And another video:

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