How to Lace Air Force 1 – Most Popular Methods

People who have Nike Air Force 1 sneakers have very often wondered how to lace them up from scratch to make them comfortable, beautiful, and practical. And if you just recently bought a Nike Air Force 1, аnd the laces untied – no problem, then our article will be more relevant to you than ever.

We’ll tell you 3 really relevant and easy step-by-step methods for lacing your Nike Air Force 1, so you can definitely pull it off. In each method, we’ll describe in detail step by step what to do and how to tie shoelaces, so you don’t get confused and can lace up your sneakers.

So, How to Lace Air Force 1

Do you want to learn how to lace up your Nike Air Force 1 really fast and interesting, and make the lacing look stylish and unusual? Then you should definitely continue reading our article, we are sure it will be useful and interesting for you.

lace 1

We will provide three of the most popular methods of step-by-step lacing of Nike Air Force 1 so that you can read in detail how to do it and learn how to lace your shoes beautifully. And so, now we are going to start talking about the step-by-step lacing methods for Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

Sometimes there are situations where your shoes are laced up incorrectly and the tongue tab is uncomfortably stuck and interferes with your walking. To prevent such situations from happening to you, you can familiarize yourself with the Nike Air Force 1 lacing methods. By the way, you can lace up your sneakers with laces of different colors, which will be very interesting and unusual.

Step By Step Guide

Before we start, we want to clarify that you can choose the lacing method based on your personal preference. If we talk about the difficulties of lacing Nike Air Force 1, there are none, the main thing is to do it correctly, without missing the top eyelet, so that everything is symmetrical.

Nike Air Force 1 shoe laces are not just an important and necessary part of your pair of shoes, but also a beautiful decoration for your sneakers. Well, the introduction is over, now let’s get down to business and start talking about the most current lacing methods.

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Method 1

And so, the first method is called “aesthetic pleasure”, it looks very neat and beautiful. Now you will learn how to start lacing, where to slip the lace first and how to continue lacing. This method means style and comfort, now you will see a step by step guide.

lace 2

And, as you already know, but still want to specify that Nike is the sole supplier of quality footwear, which is long-lasting and sits well on your feet, as well as the most comfortable and practical.


You have to get your shoelaces and Nike Air Force first because you can’t do it any other way. Now that you’re ready to start, you need to slip through the top of the first holes.

Beforehand, you should divide the lace in half visually so that the lacing is exactly even and correct. Now that the beginning is set, we can begin to create the perfect aesthetic lacing.

And so, you need to decide which way you’re going to run the lacing. This is very important because based on this you will continue the whole lacing so that everything is symmetrical.


Now close the laces and thread them through the top of the second hole for the lace, making sure everything is straight. The main thing, in this case, is not to rush, otherwise, you will only confuse your laces and nothing will work.

Next, you need to make sure that the laces are pointing up, whether the lace coming from one side crosses over or under the lace coming from the other side.

Remember not to pull and tighten the laces too tight, as this will not only hurt the sneakers but also you. Continue lacing in this way until you reach the tongue loop if you have one on your sneakers of course.


At the end, when the sneaker is almost laced up, you need to change the lacing trajectory a little, in the last holes the lace should not be pulled from the top, but vice versa – from the bottom.

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Now repeat the same manipulation with the second sneaker, making sure that everything is the same and the pattern remains the same. At the end tie the laces in a bow, and if you wish, tuck them into the shoes. Done – your laces are laced up and you can go for a walk in your new sneakers.

Method 2

The second method called the “comfort” method, allows you to lace up your Nike Air Force 1 so that you are as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Well, let’s get to the beginning itself and tell you what to do.

lace 3


We start as usual with the bottom holes, by the way, now we will surprise you a little, because it is very closely related to the first and it is exactly the same there is nothing difficult, absolutely.


And so, all you have to do in this method is to read the step-by-step guide to the previous method, but you have to lace as freely as possible, actually, that’s why it is called comfort. Just do not overdo it, so that your feet do not slip out of your shoes.

In the same way, slip the laces through, first from the top, starting with the first two holes, and then, when you get to the upper holes, slip the laces from the bottom. Repeat the same with the second sneaker. You can also control the tension of the laces by putting the shoe on your foot.


This lacing is not similar to the previous one, because here you do not need to tie the laces in a bow, you can leave the laces hanging down a bit, or you can tie their ends in knots so that they do not come undone on the way somewhere.

Method 3

And so, the third and final method for today is called “Efficiency”. Be careful and follow the steps of lace-up to make it work. Keep reading to learn about the last cool lacing.

lace 4


At the beginning, as usual, take the laces and sneakers in your hands, and start lacing them up as we told you before. First, start from the top by slipping the shoelace into the bottom holes, just like you did in the first two tutorials.

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In continuation, it is worth noting that you need to lace by crossing the laces until you reach the second eyelet from the top. Once on the second eyelet from the top, instead of crossing over again, put the laces through the top eyelet on the same side, forming a loop.

Although we skipped the tongue loop earlier, this time you’ll want to put the laces through it because it holds the tongue in place while you jog.


At the end, pull each end of the lace across and through the loop you just created on the opposite side of each shoe. Done-you’s done it.


Important clarification – there is nothing complicated in the laces presented, the main thing is just to follow all the steps and you can use your own laces for lacing sneakers so that your shoes were not only beautiful but also comfortable for long walks.

Video: How to Lace Air Force 1

In this video you can watch 4 cool ways how to lace Nike Air Force 1. This is simple tutorial about Lace Nike Air Force 1 | Nike Air Force 1 Lacing.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, we just want to wish you good luck in your endeavors, we are sure that we were able to help you with your issue of lacing your Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, and you have coped with this matter. A special tip and idea from us: you can tie a lace up accessory, this way you will add a highlight and decorate your shoes, they will become more special and unique.

If you follow our methods and tricks you will be able to lace up your shoes beautifully and easily so that they fit comfortably on your feet. We hope you have succeeded and your sneakers are now perfectly laced up. Thank you for reading our article to the end! Here is how long does it take termites to do damage.

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