How To Logout From an Amazon App (from Various Devices)

If you are searching on how to download coming from your Amazon mobile application on any android phone or even ios phone, then you are in the right place. It is effortless, merely follow steps on your cellular phone( android or iPhone). This guide is very same for apple iPhone as well as android phones.

Instruction for Android or IOS and on a mobile browser:

step by step

Attention: The mobile version of the Amazon website and the use of the Amazon app are very similar. So below are screenshots that will be the same in both cases.

Step 1. Open your Amazon Application on your Android cellphone

Step 2. Head To Amazon Account Menu. See graphic.

Amazon Profile Menu icon

Step 3. Once you click Account Food selection, you’ll find the Profile setups webpage, select “Setups.”

Account Environments in Amazon Application

Step 4. When you click on Environments coming from Account Facts web page, click on “Sign out” found near the bottom.

Step 5. It’ll ask to affirm log out, only pick logout choice.

Account Environments in Amazon Application

That’s it, and also you ought to be log out entirely coming from your Amazon Application coming from your Android phone. It ought to be comparable in iPhone phones at the same time if you discover challenges after that satisfy review, and also, I’ll exist to help you out.

Instructions: How to sign out of Amazon’s website


Step 1: Move your cursor to hover over the words “Accounts & Lists” near the top right of the page.

Profile Amazon

Step 2: At the bottom of the drop-down menu labeled “Your Account,” click on “Sign Out.”

Profile Amazon

How to sign out of the Amazon app on iPad

  1. From the app’s main screen, tap, “Hello, NAME.
  2. Then, tap “Sign out.”


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