How to Make Space in Little Alchemy (Review 2020)

Little Alchemy 2: Complete A-Z Cheats and Hints Guide

The game Little Alchemy is not haunted by many of its players and members! We present to you the combinations нow to make space in Little Alchemy.

How to Make Space?
Moon + Star
Sky + Star
Sun + Star

Little Alchemy

What Does Space Make?
+Airplane = Rocket
+Earth = Planet
+Glass = Telescope
+House = Space Station
+Human = Astronaut
+Life = Alien
+Stone = Meteoroid
+Time = Tardis

Walkthrough for space in Little Alchemy
air+ fire= energy
earth+ fire= lava
energy+ water= steam
air+ lava= stone
air+ steam= cloud
air+ cloud= sky
sky+ stone= Moon
Moon+ sky= night
night+ sky= star
Moon+ star= space

Hints on what to make using space:

  • sun
  • cold
  • astronaut
  • star
  • telescope
  • light sword
  • planet
  • galaxy
  • meteoroid
  • alien
  • space station
  • spaceship
  • supernova
  • universe
  • Cthulhu


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