How to Move a Flat Screen TV Without the Original Box

If you have your original flat-screen TV box, this text is helpful for you. This is the most effective means to pack your flat display television for an action. But what are you intended to do if you do not have the original box? We’ll give you in-depth advice and also tricks on how to pack and how to move a tv without a box.


Begin by taking an image of the back of your television as well as any property cinema part. This will certainly aid you in pinpointing which cable goes where when you are specifying it up in the new location. Print this image as well as pack it along with the TV, so it’s handy when you need it. You can likewise keep a data backup on your phone or tablet computer. Don’t count on this picture entirely, just in case your gadget is lost.

Label the various cable televisions with colored electric tape or even painter’s tape, which can be gotten rid of quickly. You can place different colored pieces of tape above each input utilized on the television. After that, cover a part of the matching tape on the cable that must be hooked up there certainly. Or, you may compose “electrical power,” “to Blu-ray player,” or even other useful labels on the strip and safeguard it to the wires.

how to pack a television for moving 4
How to pack a television for moving

While it may appear useful to wrap the cords in a package with the television, they might shift and damage. It’s better to use a different container for cables, remotes, and the stand, which may be unscrewed from the television. Label this container of accessories along with the area where the television will be located, so it’s effortless to find when you prepare to set up the television.

If your TV is mounted, refer to your guidebook and remove it coming from the mount: new person, someone to aid, especially if it’s a sizable screen.

Well-maintained your television with a soft, dry out towel before loading it. Changing dirt bits can easily damage the screen or even stop up the inner electronics. Pertain to your TV’s guidebook for additional detailed cleaning guidelines.

Get in touch with your cable television or even GPS service provider a few weeks just before your move to have company canceled at the current location and also initiated at your brand-new home. Then you may access your beloved computer programming when you await a rest coming from unpacking. If you’re relocating to a place not serviced through your existing supplier, you require to pick a new firm as well as acquire any essential devices. If you have a smart television, you additionally need to have internet service to access the wide variety of additional information.

Possibly moving to a brand new residence indicates it is an opportunity to update to a brand-new TV. Recycle your outdated television before you move and purchase a brand new one merely for your new location, conserving you the trouble of running it.

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If You Don’t Have the Original TV Box

Like the majority of us, you are possibly not so ideal to have maintained the original box for your TV. We get it – the box is big, it hinders, as well as why the heck do you require more vacant boxes lying around the garage for the next five years? Yet that’s okay. If you do not have the initial table for your TV, you can still relocate securely to your new home without the danger of damaging the screen, having it fall over in the unit, or worse. You can also make your very own television packing box.

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How to pack a television for moving

Stuff you’ll require to make a television box for moving:

  • Strapping tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blanket
  • Box cutter
  • Wardrobe box

Follow these steps on just how to move tv to securely pack and also run a flat-screen TV without the original box by making your flat-screen tv moving box.

  1. Dismount the television as well as eliminate the stand– it’s best to remove any delicate plastic items before you pack TV on self-prepared to relocate a flat-display TV without a box the television. The base can usually just be unscrewed and set aside. You’ll intend to wrap this up and also at some point pack it with the television.
  2. Wipe down the screen – by removing any noticeable dirt and debris, you’ll help see to it that no scratches happen during transit
  3. Label as well as detach all cords– if you have a lot of points linked into your television, you may too proceed as well as label them, so you save on your own some frustration when you’re ready to establish the system back up once more. At the minimum, snap a picture of the backend of the TV, so you see what ports were filled up or left vacant.
  4. Wrap the flat-screen TV freely with strapping tape, sticky side out – this will undoubtedly make more sense when you get to tip 3. Keep in mind, do NOT wrap
  5. Cover the television with bubble wrap – currently, you’ll see what advice 4 was all about. The bubble wrap ought to stick well to the tap, which will prevent it from sliding about.
  6. Wrap the television with a moving covering– you might require two blankets depending on exactly how large your television is. Wrap the TV with the coverage and also safeguard the sheet with tape. Make sure to cover the whole front of the television, so the display is protected.
  7. Prep the box – if you can, discover a box that is relatively close to the dimensions of your television. Some moving companies market flat-screen television boxes. If you can not find one, acquisition 1-2 wardrobe boxes instead. You can reduce these and also utilize them to develop your own Do It Yourself flat-screen TV box. See to it to sufficiently seal all sides of the box with packing tape to ensure it keeps its honesty.
  8. Location the television in package and pad accordingly – When you move a flat-screen TV, placed the television in your DIY box as well as make sure there is no shake space. If needed, include more bubble cover to fill out the gaps. Make sure to put your TV stand in the package as well, so you do not lose it.

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Pro Packaging Tips

  • Wrap the remote and also power cable with the TV

This looks like a piece of cake; however, believe us when we state we have listened to lots of stories of a person getting to their brand-new house to understand they lost the power cable or the remote. Do yourself a favor and also pack those with the TV itself.

  • Sharpie is your close friend

Use of a long-term pen to identify the TOP and also FRONT or DISPLAY of the television. This will assist when you go to relocate and pack the TV because you’ll recognize precisely how to orient the box as well as which side is one of the most delicate. Also, if you’re loading multiple TVs, you can classify them accordingly (aka “Living room television , guest room TV” and more). If you’re relocating with roomies, place your name on the television that is your own so you can relocate right to your new space without having to unpack it initially to determine it.

  • The area the jam-packed television tactically within your system

You’ll intend to keep the packed television box upright when you move, not pushing its front or back with points piled on top of it (this will certainly damage your display, count on us). Ideally, wedge the TV between other boxes so it is well surrounded and will not wobble during transportation.

  • Think about humidity

If you need to relocate a flat-screen television globally or you are loading the flat-screen television for long term storage, you’ll want to consider moisture and also precisely how to keep it far from your electronics. Acquisition some silica gel packages and even position them around the TELEVISION before covering it, as this will help take in any wetness that might go into the box over time. We hope we’ve assisted you in learning just how to pack a television for relocating and made a minimum of one relocating stress a little less complicated.

Packing a Small or Big Television

When moving a little TV (about 27″ or less) for a cooking area or bedroom, you might miss package– although a package is still your ideal protection, particularly for maintaining it upright. If it is raining the time you move, wrap the TV in an extra blanket that may be eliminated once it’s in the motor vehicle to make sure the television won’t retain dampness.

how to pack a television for moving 2
How to pack a television for moving

If you possess an unusually large television or are worried concerning stuffing the TV your self, you can pay your relocating business to carry out it or even work with a qualified packaging solution. If you use a moving provider to transfer your items, buying relocating insurance could also provide you peace of mind if your TV is quite costly.

Transporting and Storing

If you are loading your very own relocating truck, place the television upright in between large, healthy, standard items, like mattresses or even the backs of sofas, bookshelves, or dressers (avoiding cabinet pulls). If something switches in the course of transport, you don’t want it to nick or even pierce the television box. Carry out not set the TV atop everything where it is at threat of falling. Likewise, perform not set just about anything substantial atop the TV package. If you possess specialist moving companies, let them know which container(es) consists of a television so they may secure it properly in the truck.

If you need to have to save your TV for some time before moving, hold it ethical between flat, sturdy items in a climate-controlled place to avoid damages. Humidity may develop wetness on the sensitive electronic parts, while severe cold weather can easily lead to some parts to warp or even fracture.

Unpacking and Setting Up Your TV

When you arrive at your new house, take the TV away from a package as well as permit it to adjusts to the area’s temperature just before transforming it on. In the course of that time, you may acquire the cables, parts, and the photo you took of the back of the television.

Considering that your new room is likely various from your previous house, you could need to have to customize your property theatre create. Below are some necessary computations to aid you in identifying the positioning of your television and also furniture.

how to pack a television for moving
How to pack a television for moving

Lowest checking out distance: Increase the measurements of your screen through 1.5. For instance, a 60″ training class television should be placed a minimum of 90″ or even 7.5′ away from your furniture. A 4K Ultra HD television might be set much more detailed as well as still maintain a crystal clear picture.
Maximum checking out the range: Double the minimum checking outdistance. Coming from the instance over, the 60″ class television with a 7.5′ minimum looking at proximity would need a 15′ the most excellent range between the television and your furniture.

The moment you start to clear up right into your brand-new house, you might discover your desire to make changes. Probably you have a much larger house entertainment area that needs a larger-screen television. Or even your brand new storage space needs to bring in a TV stand more desirable. If you wish to develop much better considering look for everybody in the area while preserving a modern appearance, look at placing your TV. If that appears complicated, our Geek Team professionals may look after it for you.


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