Mobile strike alliance gift level / Best Recommendations 2021

Mobile strike alliance gift level / Best Guid in 2021

Mobile strike alliance gift level

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Machine Zone – company which create Mobile Strike, this company work  from 2008. In 2015 Machine Zone create the most popular game, which we will talk about today.

Unexpected for everyone game Mobile Strike  released Alliance Gift Titles. It can gives a big rewards if you play with the Alliance Challemges. In this text we will tell you about Alliance Gift  and how to win this Challenges and also we will tell you 10 tips how to the best in Mobile Strike.

Mobile strike alliance gift level / Best Guid in 2021

How it works?

Alliance Gift can be between level 1 and level 5, еvery member of the alliance will see what you buy in the chat. In fact, gifts are not so special, especially when you remember that this term has already been used in Game of War.


If you want to get a big rewards you have to complete this challenge, as a result you receive a huge rewards:

  • 75K gold
  • 1 M VIP points
  • Other gifts

To protect your title, surround it with camps, so that your neighbors do not get rich thanks to you.

There are many options for the game, you can build the city yourself, or you can buy by real money improvements for your city. You can also win in various challenges. As you can see, there are many options for the game and only you can choose which mode you choose.

We will give some tips on how to save your city with free and paid methods, so read carefully and choose useful advice for yourself.

1) Expectations.

You need to set your expectations correctly and also draw a line between virtuality and reality. One way or another, you will have fun with this Mobile Strike.

2) Challenges

The game has a mode such as challenges, with its help you can earnVIP points and reach a new level, but do not forget that you will be able to overcome your enemy to the end. Well, if you start a challenge and are unable to finish it, do not expect a high place in the rankings.

Play as long as you are confident and have enough time. Do not marry for rewards and think carefully. Earn as many VIP points as you need for the next event and you will definitely have the strongest city in Mobile Strike world.

Remember that every hour there are challenges that give the subjects that are needed for research, I think you already know that research in this game plays an important role.


More and more people are using  Mech to achieve high results, but do not rush to unlock it, because you can have a fairly low level and it will simply be destroyed. So before you put it, develop your city well and after that you can build your Mech.

Mobile strike alliance gift level / Best Guid in 2021

4) Find your Alliance

The alliance helps a lot to get the necessary things, but before you join , look at the colleagues who are already in this alliance, whether you are on the same level and whether this alliance is active at all. In fact, it is quite important and these things should not be neglected. Also be careful with your allies, help them, communicate and contribute to the alliance. The main thing is not to be a beggar in your alliance, mostly such people are very quickly expelled from the alliance.

And without an alliance, you will not be able to fulfill the mission of the alliance, and this is where you can get a lot of useful resources.

5) Farming

Don’t forget to accumulate resources it is quite necessary for the development of your city as well as for your alliance. At the initial levels it is quite easy to accumulate resources, and later it will be a little harder, notice this

6) Raid Boss or Rebel Target

You will have two options where you can spend energy, the first option is the daily goals of the rebels,  or you can spend them on the boss. Usually, players who buy extra energy have more resources, but you will have enough of this energy.

7) Don’t hurry

Remember that when you have the Base of the 14th level, your commander can be captured, so before you cross this equator, develop all the research as much as possible. So be careful and watch over your commander

8) Protect your City

We have already talked about level 14, we will not remind again. Remember that your city is a must have:

  • Hospital and after that Troops
  • Pop a shield if you can
  • Ghost Rally
  • If you are worried about your commander when there is no internet, ask a friend to look after your commander

9)Join us!

We often make giveaway (cards for different amounts, minimum 20 dollars) so thanks to this amount you can develop a little.

10) Line and Discord

We use these forums for our Mobile Strike Community, it is there that we talk about further game updates and various tips that are only available on these forums.

You are also part of the community 

You also can participate in forums and talk about your methods of struggle. So don’t procrastinate and let’s talk.


Mobile Strike – one of the highest grossing games, loved not only by children but also by adults. The developers promise that they will still surprise us, because they still have many ideas that they are ready to implement in the near future.

In fact, the developers said that they worked for a long time on this game, but in the end they still succeeded, but they did not think that the game would so popular in the Internet. But it is the popularity that has given the developers an incentive to reach new heights and in my opinion they are doing great.

I think our article helped us tell more about Alliance Gift Level and we give you 10 tips, which will help you in the future. Use these tips and you will definitely succeed, and do not forget about the forums that are in our game, there you can also find many useful tips.

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