Where to Find Local Pumpkin Patches This Fall [2022-2023]

Autumn has already come and someone brings autumn melancholy, and someone will be able to find a piece of optimism in it. A constant attribute of the mid-autumn period is, of course, pumpkins. There is a strange feeling of autumn mood if there is a pumpkin on your front porch, or maybe even more than one. This creates a unique atmosphere for an autumn holiday.

Therefore, you should find in the numerous pumpkin patches near me the one that will give you a real pumpkin that you will like. Most of these pumpkin patches near me are located in the open air, but in such difficult times, do not forget about safety, so take a mask with you if you have to communicate with someone outside the established distance in local pumpkin patches. Where is there a pumpkin patch near me? Let’s find out from my little guide to pumpkin patches.

Where to Find Pumpkin Patches Near Me

Mayse Farm Market Evansville Indiana

Mayse Farm Market Evansville Indiana
Mayse Farm Market Evansville Indiana

At the Mayse farm market, you can find all the fall attributes. Judge for yourself: there are juicy apples, pleasant-tasting cider, delicious caramel apples, corn in a teapot, fragrant pastries, various treats, and pumpkins, of course. Every fall on pumpkin patch Evansville Indiana, you can participate in two dozen cool activities, such as jumping on a special pillow, searching for a way out of the corn maze, and many others.

They are held every weekend during the autumn period. Of course, this year not all events can be held in the same format. Be sure to bring a mask with you if you suddenly have to shorten the distance to communicate with other guests on the farm. The entrance fee to this pumpkin patch in Evansville is nine dollars per person. The market is located at the following address: 6400 N St Joseph Ave, Evansville, IN 47720. The pumpkin patches in Evansville Indiana is open on Saturdays from nine a.m. to six p.m. and on Sundays from ten in the morning until six in the evening.

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Lyles Station Corn Maze & Princeton Pumpkin Picking

Lyles Station Corn Maze Princeton Pumpkin Picking 2 1

Every year in October, a visit to this pumpkin patch by me will bring a great mood to your whole family. At your disposal are ten acres of cornfields, where you can wander for a very long time, trying to get out of a fascinating maze, various types of pumpkin carving, and many other entertainments that can brighten up your leisure time. and on October 31, as part of Halloween, an event is held with a specially designed maze, which is inhabited by gloomy ghosts. It takes only two hours, from eight to ten in the evening.

A ticket for admission for children under 11 years old will cost you five dollars, for other age categories a dollar more expensive. A pumpkin patch near me is located at the following address: 953 County Road 500 West, Princeton, IN. All events on pumpkin patch near me hours are available on Fridays from five to eight in the evening, on Saturdays from one in the afternoon to eight in the evening, and on Sundays from one in the afternoon to five in the evening.

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Goebel Farms

Goebel Farms
Goebel Farms

Is there a pumpkin patch near me? You can enjoy a great day off if you go with your family to these pumpkin patches in Indiana. This year, you will have an intricate corn maze, a hay slide, and a zoo where you can interact with all the animals.

Children over the age of 12 will have to pay nine dollars, those who are from three to eleven years old, the entrance ticket will cost eight dollars, and children under three years old will be able to enjoy all the entertainment absolutely free of charge, while the pumpkin is included in the price. The Indiana pumpkin patches are located at the following address: 4745 W Boonville – New Harmony Rd, Evansville, IN 47720. On weekdays, you can visit it from four to five in the evening, on Saturdays it is open from ten in the morning to five in the evening, and on Sundays from twelve to four in the evening.

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Cates Farm Henderson Pumpkin Patch

Cates Farm Henderson Pumpkin Patch
Cates Farm Henderson Pumpkin Patch

These wonderful patches near me offer only selected fresh produce from local farmers, a large, thirteen-acre pumpkin patch, a stunning corn maze, and several other types of entertainment in pumpkin patch Henderson, Kentucky! Children from three to eleven years old will pay eight dollars for admission, while adults will pay ten dollars for a ticket. The pumpkin patch local is located at the following address: 8132 Pruitt Agnew Rd, Henderson, KY 42420. This place welcomes guests from Friday to Sunday, starting at noon and ending at eight in the evening.

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Trunnell’s Farm Market

Trunnells Farm Market

Where is a pumpkin patch near me? If you are somewhere in the Owensboro area of Greenville, Kentucky, then you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a wonderful family vacation on local pumpkin farms.

The list of events held here is so impressive that I am unlikely to be able to give it in full within the framework of this article.

You can wander around the garden in search of the pumpkin of your dreams, buy a frying pan made of gold, rent a stunning private fire, go on a horse ride through the vast area…

A one-time entry will cost you $ 12.95 per person, an all-adventure pass costs $ 15.95, and a fall pass costs $ 28.95 per person.

This wonderful place is located at 9255 US-431, Utica, KY 42376. Events are held from Monday to Saturday from ten in the morning to six in the evening and on Sunday from noon to seven in the evening.


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 Lark Ranch in Loogootee

Lark Ranch in Loogootee

Take a trip to a remarkable ranch located in Meadow hooty to fully enjoy a great autumn day!

Choose a pumpkin to your liking, ride a pumpkin swing to your heart’s content, spend time in life-size birdhouses, take an exciting train ride and discover a bottomless amount of other entertainment on the ranch.

The program also includes farm animals, a pony ride around the ranch, and an adult zip line.

Admission for all ages will cost you $ 11.99. The ranch is located at the address: Killion Mill Rd, Loogootee, IN 47553.

All events are held in October on Fridays from five to ten in the evening, on Saturdays from noon to ten in the evening, and on Sundays from noon to six in the evening.

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Where Can You Go Pumpkin Picking in NYC

If you can’t get to the pumpkin field before the fall season is over, you can really miss a lot in this life, dear readers! Just go to a cafe and order a latte with spices, which has a pleasant taste of pumpkin cannot replace such a trip, you simply cannot fully experience this extraordinary festive spirit of autumn. If you are urban residents like me, and you see only long-bored skyscrapers around you on weekdays, arrange a small weekend and give yourself a reason to unwind by deciding on a one-day trip to the pumpkin picking near me.

Trust my experience, this is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Recently, I got in my car, drove just an hour from New York to travel through the Hudson Valley, and discovered an incredible number of beautiful pumpkin patch picking near me that are filled with fragrant Apple orchards, amazing pumpkin beds, and cool fall-related activities for adults and young children. Here you can stop and experience the true pleasure of racing through a maze made in corn, try various autumn dishes or find a pumpkin of the right size, and for a dessert treat yourself to a fragrant doughnut with tart apple cider.

In this short article, I want to wholeheartedly recommend you a dozen pumpkin patches, which are located very close to New York and which you will not have any difficulty getting to yourself. This list includes the most popular places that will take you no more than two hours from Manhattan.

If you have a diverse set of options in stock, you can plan a trip that is suitable for you for one day, which will bring you the most unforgettable emotions. So, here is a list that opens for you all the delights of autumn, for which you do not have to travel a long way to another state, but just drive a little away from New York.

Top 10 Pumpkin Patches Near New York City

1. Barton Orchards (NEW YORK)

This best pumpkin picking in NY contains everything you need to soak up the fall mood and is located just an hour’s drive from the city, in the middle of the Hudson Valley. Here the traveler will find a lot of interesting things: you can walk around the unprecedented beauty, eat pumpkin pie and drink a Cup of pumpkin juice. All the fun will cost only five dollars, which will give you access to the opportunity to personally pick apples, walk around the pumpkin patch, enjoy the view of animals, listen to live music, and much more.

Barton Orchards: pumpkin
Barton Orchards: pumpkin

You can challenge yourself to find a way out of the cool corn maze that stretches for five acres around, scare yourself with live actors in a local interactive haunted house, collect a basket of selected apples and wander around the huge pumpkin patch in search of a pumpkin for your home.

In addition, you can enjoy plenty of autumn dishes – from tender doughnuts with cool Apple cider and pumpkin bread to awesome jams and homemade pies. I had to wait in line for half an hour to finally try the famous donuts with apples and cinnamon, and I can say that they fully compensated for the time I was waiting for. I advise you to be patient and buy more of them, they are really worth it.

2. Queens County Farm Museum (NEW YORK)

If we talk about the option that is most convenient to get to, then we can say about this best pumpkin patch near NYC that it is located in the backyard of Manhattan. You will find pumpkin picking in NYC central park hard to believe that the Queens County Farm Museum is located very close to you.

Queens County Farm Museum
Queens County Farm Museum

This place, which was built back in 1697, is considered by right the most massive site that has been preserved in New York because they decided not to touch it. Starting in October, every weekend the farm fields are filled with new juicy pumpkins, which you can personally collect, and then buy for yourself and your loved ones, and you can also find there a quirky corn maze, which opens every year with a new theme to entertain both young children and adults.

Every weekend you will also be able to take a ride on the Seine, which is a delight even for those people who are far from children’s age.

3. Decker Farm (NEW YORK)

Where to go pumpkin picking near me? This will be a great reason for you to rent a boat to go straight to Staten island to discover another pretty pumpkin patches in New York almost within the city limits. However, if you prefer a local ferry to your own boat, then you will need to take a bus from it for about an hour.

Pumpkin picking near me
Pumpkin picking near me

The farm, which was founded in the early 1800s, is rapidly turning into an autumn festival every October: here you can choose a pumpkin, make a drawing in the form of a face on it, go through the corn maze, look at the haymaking and admire various crafts that will look perfect in your living room.

This is a great option for a weekend trip if you want to take your family and escape from the stuffy metropolis, take your children on a boat ride on the water surface and make the autumn mood bright and unforgettable.

4. Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard (NEW YORK)

Where to go pumpkin picking in New York? This best pumpkin patches near NYC is located only about an hour’s drive from the Central district of Manhattan. It is also accessible by the metro. This cozy family farm is hidden across the road from the Outbuildings and can provide its travelers with a variety of pumpkin entertainment.

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard
Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard

Starting from the tenth of September and ending on the thirtieth of October, a wide variety of attractions that will appeal to your children are open to you: haymaking, pet watching, bouncy castles that amaze with their beauty, and pleasant live music. You just need to take the train from Grand Central to the Croton falls station, so you can easily and easily get to your destination.

5. Fishkill Farms (NEW YORK)

This incredibly beautiful best pumpkin patches in New York, which covers an area of two hundred acres, has been owned by only one family for a century. It uses special methods for farming, as far as modern conditions allow. They try not to use synthetic pesticides in their activities and part of their Apple orchard grows only on organic fertilizers, which is quite difficult.

Fishkill Farms
Fishkill Farms

Here you will have the opportunity to personally choose a pumpkin and collect delicious natural apples, and every weekend until the end of October, the farm holds the so-called harvest weekend in honor of autumn, during which barbecue is prepared, live authentic music is played, you can eat delicious donuts with cider and participate in haymaking for free. The cost of this trip is only five dollars, and children under the age of twelve are not charged at all. They are absolutely free to enter.

6. Elwood Pumpkin Farm (NEW YORK)

I present to your attention the closest pumpkin patch near me in the best traditions of the old school, which is located right on long island and does not require you to pay an entrance fee. Children will be able to choose a pumpkin to their taste directly from the garden, ride on the hay, and wander through a relatively small maze in the corn.

Elwood Pumpkin Farm

You will be able to harvest on Saturday, starting from the seventeenth of September, without any payment for the entrance ticket. You just pay for the selected pumpkin, the price of which is calculated according to its size. If you like this place, but do not want to part with it, then after November it turns into a Christmas tree place, which will also please your children with interesting activities.

7. Alstede Farms (NEW JERSEY)

You can get there in just an hour if you drive from the center of Manhattan. You can also transit through new Jersey. In addition to the standard set of collecting pumpkins and apples, you are offered a huge amount of entertainment, which includes a fairly large maze of corn and a large barnyard where you can personally feed various Pets. Drive to Gladstone station and take the free bus all the way to the best pumpkin picking near NYC.

8. Demarest Farms (NEW JERSEY)

If you need to go get your own pumpkin very urgently, this pumpkin picking close to NYC is a great choice because of its proximity to Manhattan. It will take you half an hour to get there by car from the center, just across the Hudson River.

This is a great place to spend a weekend because you can not only choose a pumpkin to taste, but also collect apples. After paying the entrance fee, you will walk along the seine, enjoy freshly prepared apple cider, tender doughnuts, and have a great time in the barnyard.

9. Harris Hill Farm (CONNECTICUT)

You’ll have to travel a lot, because the pumpkin patches in New York City is located two hours by car from New York, in the hills of Litchfield County, but believe me, it’s worth it to get there. Enjoy collecting pumpkins in a real pastoral atmosphere: a ventilated red barn, cute Pets around, and beautiful countryside scenery.

A special hay maze has been created for children, in which they will play enough and roll through the hay. There are outdoor tables for autumn picnics, where you can enjoy views of the autumn hills. Close your eyes and imagine that you have not just one day off, but a real vacation that you spend just two hours away from the usual bustle.

10. Silverman’s (CONNECTICUT)

Where can I go pumpkin picking in NYC? It is only an hour and a half drive from the center, so for you, it will be a quick and practical option for a trip away from the city rhythm for one day. There are fresh pumpkins, delicious cider, soft doughnuts, and decorative ornaments, of which there are a lot, they start right from the Parking lot. You can also enjoy live music and fresh corn almost every weekend.

A variety of animals will be able to captivate your children before collecting pumpkins, and after you finish your business. After a ride in the Hayfield, you can enjoy a hearty meal in one of the arriving food trucks that regularly feed the newly formed crowds of visiting tourists.

Also, about two thousand pumpkins leave this farm for free every year. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you just need to guess the weight of your pumpkin, observing the limits of 2 ounces, and you will take it home without paying a penny.



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